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With lyrics recorded in Toronto and music in New York, the earliest incarnation of Scared Of Evolution was first performed as a spoken-word piece in July of 2013 at the now-defunct Videofag cinema/performance arts space in Kensington Market. Written in the immediate wake of a racist blackface performance that transpired at a Church Street drag venue just days before Toronto World Pride weekend, Scared Of Evolution is Part campaign to abolish the n-word and Part not-so-thinly veiled criticism of the curious politics that surfaced in the LGBT nightlife community when Elektra dared to publicly call out the blackface performance.

Issued with a much necessary Trigger Warning, the intense, disturbingly delicious tribal house opus that is the Erik Elias Revolutionary Mix probably sets a new world record for Song Containing Most Use Of The N-Word: five hundred and twenty five times (525). Elias previously collaborated with Elektra on How Do I Look? (recorded for the Wolfgang Busch ballroom documentary of the same name) and on elaborate club re/mixes of Trade, Reading Glasses, I Was Born This Way and Respect Yourself.

Other mixes include a jazzy hip hop mix and 2 version of a funky R&B mix, one with and one without use of the N-Word.

Released in February of 2016 "Scared of Evolution - The Remixes", we have the additional mixes in the trap and hip rock veins.

Explicit Lyrics.
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