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    Get That Rush (Hip Hop/Dance Hall/Dance Rock)

Get That Rush (Hip Hop/Dance Hall/Dance Rock)view larger image

Mr. Blue’s hip hop track was inspired by non other than Rush Limbaugh, the ever popular $50 Million Dollars a year, radio talk show host. As Mr. Limbaugh has had a tendency to be very opinionated, he has also been very hypocritical, to which Cola pokes some fun and sheds some light.

Although it is satire the various mixes make it a strong contender for various dance floors as well as political gatherings (LOL). Cola Blue has a wide range of musical tastes and so are the various versions of the Get That Rush, from trap to dance rock to dance hall to smooth r&b flavors of hip hop and more. Not to be missed are the Club versions of the dancehall mix.

Listen to and Get all 8 mixes of Get That Rush by Cola Blue!!! at:

iTunes/Cola Blue-RoughLuxuryRecords

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1. Get That Rush - Sinister Mix   Download
2. Get That Rush - Trap Mix   Play Now!
3. Get That Rush - Original Mix   Play Now!
4. Get That Rush - Dance Rock Mix   Play Now!
5. Get That Rush - Dance Hall Radio Edit   Play Now!

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