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The Queen of the Bitch Track, Jade Elektra is back on Berlin records with a Bitch Track that is taken to the next level of cross over with her cautionary tale of a single, "KARMA (It's A Bitch)". On the Original Mix, producer Cris Is Bliss serves up a classic "Paris Is Burning" Ballroom beats. While on the Legends Mix takes you on a journey from the Westside to the Eastside in a hot mix of Cunty Electro Beats. And finally we arrive at our destination with the Eastern Bloc Mix with it's Hard Floor production meets Bitch Track. With six different mixes on all and a radio edit of the Original Mix, we are sure that if your have never heard a "Bitch Track" before you will now have your musical pallet expanded. "Karma" is couple with "Scared of Evolution" as an EP.

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