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House Music Anthem by Cris is Bliss f. LeRoy Burgess and J. Master is a tasteful remake of the Marshall Jefferson classic. The release contains 5
Mixes: 1- Bliss mix
 2- Crash and Burn mix
 3- Jazzy Vocal mix
 4- Vibe Instrumental
 5- Yankee Stadium mix; and a bonus radio track that we are giving away in exchange for adding you to our mailing list. (Please see the Tune Core Media player for the free download.) At 128 bpm the track can serve as an opener that a dj can take in any direction and also pick the party up once it has started. And for the listener its body moving music with break down and strong build ups.

We been told this will become a future Classic - come join the party

Produced by: Cris is Bliss for House of the Rising Son Productions
Writer: M. Jefferson Publisher: Sanlar Music (BMI)
2011 Berlin Records
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1. House Music Anthem - Bliss Mix   Play Now!
2. House Music Anthem - Crash and Burn Mix   Play Now!
3. House Music Anthem - Yankee Stadium mix   Play Now!

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