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Jade Elektraview larger image

Jade has a new single in the works entitled "Karma, it's a bitch". The original track was in the Bitch Track genre but the additional mixes have taken the production to new places, opening up the club play possibilities in other markets and even radio.

When Jade Elektra became upset with the rise of gay bashings in New York City during the spring of 2013, she wanted to do something special for her Gay Pride performances in Toronto. She wanted to send a message of solidarity with her community that had just celebrated equal rights when “Gay Marriage” was passed in New York State.  She had always loved Carl Bean’s Gay Disco Classic, “I Was Born This Way”. To further drive home her message, she also decided to do a vocal mash-up with the R&B classic “Respect Yourself” by The Staple Singers. Known for the Bitch Track genre created out of the Underground Ballroom Scene as featured in the documentary “Paris Is Burning”, most had no idea that Jade also is a vocalist and has done back up vocals on many recordings over the last decade.

When she posted her performance on YouTube, she had no idea that she would be signed to Ber’lin Records and that her idea would turn into a remix album.


Jade Elektra brings it home with this remake of Respect Yourself, which is also a re-mix from her ‘Jade Does Berlin’ ep. The tracks are well crafted to bring the thunder to t... view release page

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With lyrics recorded in Toronto and music in New York, the earliest incarnation of Scared Of Evolution was first performed as a spoken-word piece in July of 2013 at the now-d... view release page

The Queen of the Bitch Track, Jade Elektra is back on Berlin records with a Bitch Track that is taken to the next level of cross over with her cautionary tale of a single, "KA... view release page

“Jade Elektra Does Ber’lin” is a collection of the remakes of "I Was Born This Way" and "Respect Yourself", and a brand new Bitch Track called “Bitch This Way”.  With R&B l... view release page

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